Winston-Salem AC Repair & Maintenance Services

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Ac Repair and Maintenance Services in Winston-Salem, NC

Ensuring that your air conditioning system receives proper care will help it to maintain its efficiency, increase its lifespan, and also improve indoor air quality inside your home or commercial property. There are several different types of cooling systems but the experts at Blaze Air know how to service all makes and models. It is our job to see that customers throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities continue to enjoy a cool and comfortable interior climate during the summer.

Preventative maintenance inspections allow our cooling professionals to catch any issues early on so we can orchestrate the most effective method of repair. Schedule a maintenance inspection before the summer arrives so you can be confident that your system is functioning optimally.

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What Are Some Common AC Problems?

  • Loss of climate control: If your AC system is not producing enough cold air for your home or commercial property it is time to have it inspected by one of our knowledgeable professionals.
  • Improper airflow: Disrupted airflow will put strain on your AC systems and cause it to work harder in an attempt to cool your home or building. You may begin to notice rising utility bills.
  • Malfunctioning thermostats: If certain areas of your property are warmer than others it could be caused by a damaged thermostat, but you won’t know for sure until you contact Blaze Air for service.
  • Blocked drain tube: A blocked or damaged drain tube can create excess moisture around your air conditioning system. Upon noticing this issue get in touch with our trusted team for repair services.

What Parts of the Unit Are Inspected During a Professional Maintenance Visit?

Timely filter replacements are a very important part of air conditioner maintenance. When your filters become dirty or clogged it can affect the efficiency of the system and reduce indoor air quality. We will also take a look at the outside portion of your unit and remove any debris out of its way. A fully functioning evaporator coil is essential to keeping your home or building cool, our certified technicians will clean and wipe any excess moisture off of the coil to ensure that it does not freeze.

The electric control sequences will also be checked in order to make sure that they are set properly. Damaged belts will be replaced, your motor will be oiled, and all other working components will be examined to make sure that there are no issues. Our experts will also check to see if your thermostat is doing its job correctly.

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What Are Some Common Signs That Your System Is in Need of Repairs?

It is important to be aware of the telltale signs that indicate that your air conditioner is not functioning properly. If caught early on minor problems can be quickly resolved by our cooling specialists so more serious complications are avoided. Here are some common issues to watch out for that will signify the need for our prompt and effective repair services:

  • There is a lack or complete absence of cold air inside your home or commercial property.
  • Water is leaking out of your AC unit.
  • You notice a sudden increase in your monthly energy bills.
  • Your home or building is not being cooled evenly.
  • Your air conditioning system is making unusual sounds.

For proficient AC repair and maintenance services, contact the skilled contractors at Blaze Air at (336) 788-3322.