Winston-Salem Air Handler Services

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Air Handler Services in Winston-Salem, NC

An air handler is a vital component inside your heating, ventilation, and cooling system that ensures that air is pushed out of your unit at the proper rate. Without an air handler you would be likely to experience hot and cold areas around your home or commercial property. To assure that your residence or building is evenly heated or cooled our company offers expert air handler services to all of our customers throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities.

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Why Is an Air Handler Important?

A full functioning air handler will ensure proper airflow out of your heating and cooling system. There is a blower motor inside of your unit that pushes the air into the handler where it can then be properly directed. Based on the size of the area that needs to be heated or cooled this crucial component will regulate the circulation rate and see that the right amount of air is evenly distributed throughout your home or commercial property. At Blaze Air we want to ensure your maximum comfort with our affordable air handler services.

What Are Some Common Problems That Cause Them to Break Down?

If your air filter or evaporator coil becomes overrun with dust and dirt it can create a number of problems inside your central heating and cooling system and could cause your air handler to malfunction. If the blower motor is not operating correctly then the air handler becomes useless. Worn or faulty fan belts can also play a role in how your system functions.

At Blaze Air we always encourage our customers to schedule routine inspections in order to determine the state of your climate control equipment. If any repairs need to be made or components require replacement we will see that it is done promptly so more complications do not arise.

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What Are Some Benefits of Regular Inspections?

Preventative maintenance is highly important, as it can help to stop small problems with your unit before you are faced with a more serious situation. Costly repairs and even the premature replacement of your unit can be avoided with a yearly inspection. During our visit we can check your fan belts to make sure that they have not deteriorated, as it could cause problems with your blower.

Your blower motor will also be examined to ensure that is pushing out the correct amount of air. If your evaporator coil is dirty or overrun with moisture it will be wiped clean. Dirty air filters will also be replaced so it does not affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

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