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Cooling Services in Kernersville, NC

When it’s hot outside your home or commercial property suffers too, that is why it is so important to have an effective air conditioning system to cool you down. At Blaze Air, Inc we are here to help all of our valued customers throughout Kernersville and the surrounding areas to maintain complete control over their interior climate. How do we do this?

By offering expert repair and replacement services, as well as comprehensive maintenance inspections in order to ensure that your system continues to operate at maximum efficiency throughout each season. With our free estimates, financing options, and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that you are choosing only the best when you contact the certified professionals at Blaze Air, Inc.

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What Are Some Common Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your AC System?

As an air conditioner ages it will begin to lose efficiency and eventually your indoor climate will be disrupted. Home and building owners may start to notice that their property is no longer being cooled like it should, some areas may be cold while others quite warm. Your utility bills will rise as the system works harder to produce a desirable temperature and before you know it there will be a complete absence of cold air inside your home or commercial property.

Some people may think that a repair will solve the problem and dishonest companies may encourage it, as they know there will simply be another one following it. These repair bills will add up quickly and soon outweigh the cost of a new unit. At Blaze Air, Inc our knowledgeable professionals will be able to quickly determine if replacing your cooling system is the better option and help you to choose a unit suited to the specific needs of you and your property.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Ductless Mini Split AC System?

These units are very easy to install as they do not require any ductwork to evenly distribute cool air around your home or commercial property. The great thing about ductless mini split AC systems is that they allow you to set different temperatures in every room that one of these efficient units are installed. This will offer superior indoor climate control and help to reduce your monthly utility bills.

Their small design allows for quick installation almost anywhere, and their quiet operation makes them a pleasure to have inside your home or building. For additional questions regarding this exceptional cooling system, talk to the friendly staff at Blaze Air, Inc today.

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How Can You Save Even More on Your Cooling Costs?

  • Insulation: Making sure that your home or commercial property is adequately insulated will not cause your air conditioning system to become overworked. Cool air will be kept inside the property and you will be safeguarded against the intense heat from outdoors.
  • Routine inspections: Adhering to a regularly scheduled maintenance inspection from the team of specialists at Blaze Air, Inc will help to ensure the continued efficiency of your cooling system.
  • Programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat offers maximum indoor climate control in that it allows you to set various temperatures at different points throughout the day. Increase the temperature when you are away from your home or building and have it be nice and cool before you return.

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