Archdale Heating Repair, Installation & Replacement

From Trindale Forest to Waters Edge, December can reach 16°F in NC. For Archdale heating services call Blaze Air at (336) 788-3322.

Heating Services in Archdale, NC

Boilers that are repaired and maintained by a professional Archdale-based boiler repair technician are boilers that will provide years of trouble-free service. At Blaze Air, we install and work on state of the art boilers as well as your older boiler that may just need a slight tweak. We can also work diligently to maintain and repair your existing heat systems that may just need some TLC. It’s not about the money, or installing the biggest and most expensive system to us – it’s about your comfort and your satisfaction. If we can save you a few bucks along the way – we’ve done our job.

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What Are Condensing Boilers?

A condensing boiler uses the heat from the exhaust gases that would normally be released into the atmosphere to heat your home. One of the hot gases produced in the combustion process inside your boiler is water vapour - or plain old steam. A condensing boiler extracts additional heat by condensing this steam into liquid water. This reclaimed hot water increases the temperature and efficiency of your boiler dramatically. We can repair your old conventional boiler and install, maintain and troubleshoot your new one at Blaze Air.

The Benefit of Regular Tune-Ups and Maintenance

Keeping your boiler working at its peak level can be a tall order without a regular maintenance plan. Wasted energy means wasted money and we want to help you save. We can perform all the requisite tests to ensure that your boiler is in the best possible condition it can be, no matter how old. If your system is too old and you would save significant money in the long run by replacing it, we will suggest just that. But we will never pressure you into buying a new boiler if all you need is a repair.

Here are just a few of the valuable service benefits that we offer:

  • Free estimates
  • Financing options
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Extended warranties
  • 24/7 emergency services

Our licensed Trane Comfort Specialists are available 24/7 with no overtime rates!

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We are honored to serve Archdale and these surrounding areas:

  • Greensboro
  • High Point
  • Kernersville
  • Lexington
  • Clemmons
  • Lewisville
  • Thomasville
  • Walkertown
  • King
  • Jamestown
  • Midway
  • Oak Ridge
  • Pfafftown
  • Rural Hall
  • Stokesdale
  • Summerfield
  • Trinity
  • Wallburg

For the best heating services technicians in the region, contact the experts at Blaze Air at (336) 788-3322. We have been in business since 1979 and we know the particular heating needs of North Carolina.