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Heating Services in High Point, NC

Winter is approaching and it is time to get your heating system checked out. At Blaze Air, we have been maintaining, repairing, and installing new heaters for years. It is our distinct pleasure to ensure that each and every customer throughout High Point and the surrounding communities will continue to remain safe and content inside their home or commercial property.

Whether you need to replace a damaged or outdated furnace, are interested in a geothermal heating system, or require a yearly inspection to ensure the continued efficiency of your current unit, our licensed professionals are here to help. With free estimates, financing options, and prompt and reliable services you can’t go wrong with Blaze Air.

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What Are Some Signs That You Need to Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

A lack of professional maintenance can cause a furnace to develop a number of problems. As dust and dirt build up in the system it can lower your indoor air quality making for an unhealthy home or commercial property. Cracks in your furnace can also be hazardous to your health, as it could lead to carbon monoxide leak. If you see any visible damage to your furnace it is important to contact the skilled technicians at Blaze Air as soon as possible.

If your pilot light has turned from blue to yellow, get out of your property immediately, as carbon monoxide is already accumulating inside your home or building. If your furnace is making unusual sounds our services will be needed to determine the root of the problem. Also, as a system ages it will begin to lose efficiency and you may see a sudden increase in your monthly utility bills, as temperatures inside your property continue to drop.

What Are Some Advantages to Installing a Geothermal Heating System?

  • Reduced energy costs: Geothermal heating systems use temperatures from underground before evenly distributing warm air throughout your home or building. It takes up very little energy to run one of these units and you could see savings of up to 70% on your monthly heating bills.
  • Safe: Geothermal heating systems do not burn fuel or emit any gases that could jeopardize the safety of home and commercial property owners alike.
  • Hot and cold: Geothermal systems pull heat from underground to heat your home or commercial property during the winter, but they can also act as an efficient cooling system throughout the summer.

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What Are Some Simple Ways to Save on Your Heating Costs?

  • Programmable thermostat: This great device gives you complete control over your interior climate. You can program different temperatures throughout the day so you do not waste energy heating a home or commercial property that is unoccupied.
  • Regular inspections: Scheduling a maintenance inspection at least once a year will ensure that your heating system continues to remain efficient.
  • Insulation: Making sure that your home or commercial property has adequate insulation will ensure that heat is locked indoors and harsh outdoor temperatures and prevented from entering.

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