Winston-Salem Humidifier Installation & Repair Services

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Humidifier Installation Repair Services in Winston-Salem, NC

Sometimes your home or commercial property can become too dry, especially during the winter. That is where a reliable humidifier comes into play. At Blaze Air we offer cost-effective humidifier installation and repair services to all of our valued customers throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities in order to ensure a healthy and comfortable interior climate.

Problems with indoor air that lacks the right amount of moisture can be quite harmful if it is not taken care of right away. Our knowledgeable professionals will come out to your home or building and give you a free estimate before installing one of our dependable and efficient humidifying systems.

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What Are Some Benefits of Installing a Humidifier?

Making sure that the correct level of moisture is set inside your home or commercial property will not only make it more comfortable, but will also eliminate a number of problems caused by dry air. An efficient humidifier will help to relieve irritated sinuses, dry skin, cracked lips, and even a scratchy throat. If you are prone to nosebleeds our humidifying systems can cut down on this unpleasant problem as well.

For people who have a tendency to snore, humidifiers can greatly reduce this common symptom so both you and your partner can sleep better. The experts at Blaze Air can help you to choose what type of humidifier will work best for you and your property.

What Are 3 Common Problems with This System?

  • Inadequate moisture: If the sponge pad in your humidifier has been overrun with mineral deposits or the system is not level it will not produce the amount of humidity that is needed for your home or commercial property.
  • Blocked drain line: An obstructed drain line can cause your humidifier to leak and could result in property damage and unhealthy mold growth. Our professionals can come and inspect the line in order to determine the best way to resolve the situation.
  • Inactive unit: If you attempt to start your humidifier, but it continues to remain dormant it could be that the humidity level you have set is lower than the amount of moisture in your home or commercial property.

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What Type of Maintenance Is Required for These Units?

When our specialists come out to you home or building for a humidifier inspection there are several things we will take a look at. First, your evaporator pad will be examined to determine if there are any mineral deposits that could be affecting the operation of your humidifier.

Second, we will check your blower motor to ensure that it has not run into any problems. A blower motor will break down after extended use and will require the need for replacement. Lastly, our technicians will also make sure that your water inlet valve is not clogged, which can prevent the humidifier from producing the correct amount of moisture.

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