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Cooling Services in High Point, NC

At Blaze Air, Inc we take great pride in providing expert cooling services to customers throughout High Point and the surrounding communities. Through inspections, repairs, and brand-new installations we are here to ensure that you remain absolutely content inside your home or building throughout those hot summer months. We only use top-of-the-line products and offer the best warranties in the business in order for us to confidently say that you will get years of continued use out of your cooling equipment.

An efficient air conditioning system and routine examinations from our professionals will ensure maximum indoor climate control and help you to save on your monthly utility bills. It is our job to guarantee the ultimate in safety, comfort, and convenience inside your residence or building.

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What Are Some Common Problems with Your AC System?

Whether from thermostat issues, age, or damaged components your air conditioning unit will need to be repaired and even replaced at some point. While routine maintenance examinations are highly important, being aware of the typical signs that it is time to contact our skilled technicians for service is vital for extending the life of your AC system. The most obvious indication that your cooling system is in need of service is if it is no longer cooling your home or commercial property as desired.

The unit may produce cold temperatures intermittently or not at all. You might also notice uneven temperatures throughout your home or commercial property. If cool air is not being evenly distributed throughout your property it could be caused by a number of issues that require our immediate attention.

Loud or unusual sounds that are coming from your air conditioner or a collection of moisture around the unit will also require professional assistance. Additionally, if your utility bills begin to rise without any reasonable explanation it could be a sign that your system is losing efficiency and is working harder in an attempt to produce a desirable temperature throughout your home or building.

What Are 4 Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini Split AC System?

  • Zoned cooling: A ductless mini split AC system allows you to set different temperatures in all of the rooms that one of these small devices are installed, providing only the best in interior climate control.
  • Efficiency: These units are very energy-efficient and because you can increase temperatures in the areas of the property that you are not currently using it will help you to save even more on your monthly utility costs.
  • Heating and cooling: Ductless mini split AC systems can also act as a heater during the winter.
  • Quiet operation: These units are virtually noise free. Some traditional air conditioning systems can disrupt sleep patterns and make listening to co-workers or loved ones tougher.

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What Are Some Easy Ways to Save on Your Cooling Costs?

Making sure that your home or building is properly insulated will help to keep cool air indoors and protect you from harsh outdoor temperatures. Your air conditioning system will not have to work nearly as hard in order to produce a desirable temperature throughout your property, helping to reduce monthly utility costs. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to reduce and increase temperatures at various points throughout the day, and with more advanced units you can even do this remotely via a smartphone application.

The utilization of fans will permit you to increase the temperature on your cooling system by a few degrees without affecting your comfort level. Closing your drapes on sunny days will also help to fight the outdoor heat. Lastly, routine inspections and filter changes will guarantee the continued efficiency of your unit.

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