Winston-Salem AC & Furnace Filter Replacement Services

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Failing to have your HVAC filters replaced on a routine basis by the licensed team of professionals at Blaze Air could create a number of problems for your system. Dirty HVAC filters will cause indoor air quality to plummet and diminish the efficiency of your unit. When your air conditioning system loses efficiency it will create a steady increase in your monthly utility bills, as your AC unit will have to work harder in order to attempt to produce a desirable temperature inside your home or commercial property.

When this happens it could lead to malfunctioning components, multiple repairs, and even having to replace the entire system. Blaze Air offers our thorough AC & furnace filter replacement services to all of our valued customers throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities in order to guarantee a fully functioning cooling system for years to come.

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When Is Professional AC Filter Replacement Necessary?

  • Lowered efficiency: If you notice that your home or commercial property is no longer reaching the temperature you desire and your monthly cooling costs have dramatically increased these could be signs that your filter needs to be replaced in order to restore efficiency to your air conditioning system.
  • Poor indoor air quality: Dirt and dust that has accumulated in your filters can be dispersed throughout your home or building reducing indoor air quality and creating a number of problems inside your air conditioning unit.
  • Regularly scheduled replacements: Whether to enforce a warranty or simply keep your AC system running efficiently for years to come, replacing your air filters every 3 months is a necessary practice.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Replacement?

As hard as it is to believe there are more pollutants inside your home or commercial property then there are outdoors, which is why routine HVAC filter replacements are so necessary. Poor indoor air quality can increase allergic reactions, asthma symptoms, and cause you and your family to become very sick. Replacing your filters as needed will reduce the chances of these unpleasant issues.

Regular AC & furnace filter replacements will also help to eliminate dust around your home or building, which can make for a cleaner property and reduce your amount of daily chores. Lastly, HVAC filter replacements will improve the efficiency of your unit and help to lower monthly utility bills.

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What Happens If You Neglect to Replace Them Regularly?

At Blaze Air our conscientious cooling experts encourage all of our customers in and around Winston-Salem to replace their AC filters regularly to avoid more serious and potentially costly complications. We want you to continue to get the most out of your air conditioning system and ensure a safe and comfortable interior climate during every season. Here are some reasons why it essential to replace your filters on a routine basis:

  • Protects your AC system from premature failure.
  • Saves you from a slew of costly repairs and eventually having to replace your unit altogether.
  • Ensures the longevity of your cooling system.
  • Raises indoor air quality.
  • Lowers your monthly energy costs.

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