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At one time cooling systems were considered just a luxury, but now they have become essential in every home and building. It is important to remain comfortable during every season and when the warm weather arrives, a fully functioning air conditioner is what you need. At Blaze Air, our licensed professionals have years of experience servicing all makes and models, and it is our job to ensure that you continue to take advantage of a high quality and efficient AC system.

Offering free estimates on all installations, cost-effective repairs, and comprehensive maintenance programs we are able to guarantee complete indoor climate control during every season. If you live in or around Greensboro and are looking for a company you can trust, talk to the experts at Blaze Air today.

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What are some common AC problems?

  • Undesirable temperature: Whether your air conditioning system keeps cutting out, you notice hot and cold areas around your home or building, or your property is no longer reaching the temperature that you desire, it is time to contact our professionals for service.
  • Improper airflow: If cold air is not making its way through the vents in your system as it should then you must have your AC unit inspected by our knowledgeable professionals to determine what is causing the issue.
  • Blocked drain tube: If you notice an excess amount of moisture accumulating around your air conditioning system it could indicate a blocked or damaged drain tube that will need to be examined by our cooling experts in order to determine the best course of repair.
  • Inefficiency: As AC systems age they will begin to lose efficiency and will have to work harder in an attempt to cool your home or building properly. If you notice a steady increase in your monthly utility bills it is time to call in our technicians for service.

What are the advantages of installing a ductless mini split AC system?

Ductless mini split AC systems offer zoned cooling, which means that you can control individual temperatures in different areas throughout your home or commercial property. These sleek and modern units are placed in specific rooms and are designed to give your maximum climate control.

Because you can decide which rooms you want to cool based on your specific needs at the time, this system will provide significant savings on your monthly energy costs. Ductless mini split AC systems are also exceptionally quiet so you will not be disturbed while sleeping or talking with friends. Additionally, these great units can also be used as a heating system during the winter.

What are some simple ways to save on your monthly cooling costs?

First and foremost, it is crucial to schedule regular inspections and tune-ups for your cooling system in order to ensure its optimum efficiency. If minor problems are caught early on they can typically be repaired, but in certain cases the more cost-effective solution would be to replace your entire air conditioning unit.

Filters also need to be replaced on a routine basis, as dust and dirt can have a negative impact your AC unit and also lowers indoor air quality. The use of a programmable thermostat that allows you to set different temperatures for times when you are home or away from your property will also help to save on cooling costs.

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