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Heating Services in Greensboro, NC

It can get pretty cold during the winter in North Carolina, which is why you need a company you can trust to provide expert heating services in the Greensboro community. At Blaze Air, our licensed professionals have decades of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing every type of heating system there is. We want all of our customers to be able to take advantage of maximum indoor climate control, which is why we offer free estimates, only the best equipment, and even financing options that will lessen the financial stress of having to pay for your unit all at once.

We are a company that truly cares and we take your safety and comfort very seriously. Fight off those harsh winter and enlist the help of our heating specialists today.

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What Are Signs That You Need to Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

  • Lack of heat: If your home or commercial property is no longer reaching a desirable temperature then it is time to contact our heating specialists for a service visit. We can take a look at your system and determine whether repair or replacement is the better option.
  • Cracks: A crack in your furnace can actually be very dangerous, as it could lead to a carbon monoxide leak that will put everyone inside a home or commercial property in jeopardy. If you notice any damage to your unit, get in touch with the professionals at Blaze Air right away.
  • On/off: If your furnace switches on and off several times throughout the day it could be as simple as an issue with your thermostat or potentially a cracked heat exchanger. Our certified technicians will be able to tell right away what is causing the problem and then orchestrate the most effective method of repair.

What Are Some Benefits to Installing a Geothermal Heating System?

Geothermal systems extract heat from underground in order to provide an extremely comfortable indoor climate. They can help to save you as much as 70% on your utility bills, as they use up very little energy. Since geothermal heating systems do not burn up fuel or emit any gases they are very good for the environment and you may also receive possible tax credits because of this.

The unit operates quietly, while it evenly distributes heat throughout your home or commercial property during the winter. However, this great system also acts as a cooling system during the summer. Since there is no outside portion of the unit geothermal heating systems are subject to far less wear and tear, as they are protected against the harsh outdoor elements.

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What Are Some Simple Ways to Save on Your Heating Costs?

  • Programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat allows you to choose the exact temperature that you want your home or building to be throughout the day. You can set it lower when you leave your property and have it rise before you return. Some units can even be controlled remotely.
  • Sunlight: This is Mother Nature’s natural heating source. On sunny winter days you can open your drapes and turn down your heater without having to deal with any discomfort.
  • Insulation: Ensure that your home or commercial property is well insulated so no heat is lost to the harsh outdoor weather.

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