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Dehunidifier Installation Services in Winston-Salem, NC

If moisture levels in your home or commercial property are high you need a fully functioning dehumidifier to solve the problem. Excess humidity can cause structural damage to your property and create a number of health risks, as it does promote the growth of mold and bacteria. Whether you are installing a dehumidifier for the first time, require repairs for you existing unit, or want to replace an outdated system the experts at Blaze Air are here to help.

We have been proudly providing a wide range of services to our customers throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities to help ensure maximum interior comfort inside your home or building. Offering free estimates, financing options, and unparalleled service on every job that we perform we are here to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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What Are the Benefits of Whole-House Dehumidifiers?

A whole-house dehumidifier is a very useful system that helps to reduce excess moisture inside your residence or building. Increased levels of humidity inside your property can peel of wall paper and rot out wood. Aside from the damaging effects of humidity it can also create an uncomfortable environment inside your home or commercial property, as stuffy air and sweaty floors are not ideal conditions.

A dehumidifier can eliminate musty odors from the air and can also make you healthier by killing off mold and bacteria. It will also help to put less strain on your air conditioner. Air conditioning units do remove some humidity from the air, but when the levels exceed its capabilities the system becomes overworked, which can cause your monthly utility bills to rise and even lead to premature AC failure.

What Are Some Common Problems with These Systems?

If you attempt to turn on your dehumidifier with no results it could be due to blown electrical circuits. Dehumidifiers have a reservoir that stores all the moisture that it collects from the air inside your property, when it becomes full it could also be a reason why the system will not run.

Dehumidifiers have evaporator coils that can freeze up if your home or building is too cold, so make sure to keep your property at a reasonable temperature. Additionally, you may encounter a refrigerant leak with your whole-house dehumidifier, but not to worry the knowledgeable professionals at Blaze Air can solve any problem with our efficient repair and replacement services.

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What Type of Maintenance Is Required for These Systems?

Regular maintenance is crucial to an optimally functioning whole-house dehumidifier. When the specialist at Blaze Air arrive at your home or commercial property they are prepared to replace your filter and clean various parts of the system. The filter inside your dehumidifier must be changed routinely so that the components of your unit are protected and indoor air quality is not reduced. We will clean your exhaust and intake grills and take a look at your condenser coils to make sure they are in good working order. All other components will be examined and any necessary repairs or replacements will be administered.

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