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Heating Services in Kernersville, NC

It’s time to fight the winter and the licensed heating professionals at Blaze Air are here to help you do it. We have been providing expert services to customers throughout Kernersville and the surrounding areas for years. All of our clients are encouraged to schedule a comprehensive maintenance inspection before the cold weather arrives, and if for some reason anything is wrong with your heating system we will quickly administered the necessary repairs.

If you want or need to install a new unit, we can assist you in choosing the best model for the particular needs of you and your property. It is our job to guarantee maximum comfort inside your home or commercial property during any season.

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What Are Signs That It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

  • Loss of climate control: If you notice that your home or commercial property has hot and cold patches, it is not reaching the temperature you desire, or has a complete absence of heat, it is time to contact the professionals at Blaze Air for service.
  • On and off: If your unit switches on only to turn off again moments later it could be due to an issue with your thermostat. However, the heat exchanger inside your system could also be cracked. The only way you will know for sure is by getting in touch with our knowledgeable staff for service.
  • Cracks: A visible crack on your furnace can actually cause a carbon monoxide lead. If you do notice external damage, get in touch with us right away.

What Are Some Benefits to Installing a Geothermal Heating System?

A geothermal system is very eco-friendly, as it uses a heating source that is extracted straight from underground. Since heat does not have to be generated the system uses very little energy and will help you to save significantly on your monthly utility bills. Heat will be quietly distributed throughout your home or commercial property and uneven temperatures will never be a problem. Additionally, since no portion of this system is located outdoors it is likely to last longer than traditional units, as it will not become damaged by harsh weather conditions of falling debris.

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What Are Some Easy Ways to Save on Your Monthly Heating Costs?

  • Insulation: Make sure that your home or commercial property is well insulated so that the heat that is provided by your system stays indoors. If warm air continues to escape your unit will have to work harder in order to reach a desirable temperature, causing your monthly utility bills to go up.
  • Sunlight: A natural source of heat on cold wintry days will allow you to lower your thermostat without having to deal with a loss of interior comfort. On nice days open up your drapes and let the sun shine through.
  • Regular inspections: Routine maintenance visits and filter changes will ensure the continued efficiency of your heating system and help to keep your energy bills low.

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