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When To Tune-Up the Furnace

The Importance of Fall Maintenance for Your Heating System

As the winter season quickly approaches, homeowners throughout the country will start to turn on their heating system for the first time in months. Those who haven't kept up with their maintenance could also be the first time homeowners call their HVAC service company too! 

Because furnaces are not used as frequently as air conditioners, they're likely to fall into disrepair. This is why keeping up with maintenance and knowing when to call for repairs is so important. In this article, heating experts share some helpful tips to help homeowners prepare for the winter season. 

Overuse Could Be Affecting the Furnace

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For the last six months, people across the country have spent more and more time at home with their families. While many people have found this experience rewarding and appreciated, others have found the changes to be stress-inducing and less than welcome. Along with people having such concerns, machines have also shown the wear and tear of at-home confinement.

Many HVAC units have worked at higher rates than they have in the past. Not only were they needed to provide air conditioning to more areas of the house, but they were also needed to do so for longer periods. Now, as the season changes from summer to fall and then to winter, the air conditioning is being exchanged for heating, but there are still more people spending their time at home than there was before, so HVAC systems have felt more strain than normal and they might need a tune-up.

Save Money With Regular Tune-Ups

Due to all the excess strain HVAC systems have been going through, it would be a good idea to get an HVAC system tune-up. Regular tune-ups are necessary for an HVAC system to work at top efficiency, saving money in the long run. Lots of unforeseen circumstances can cause an HVAC system to break down over time. Waiting for when the HVAC system starts making loud noises or stops working entirely will leave the living space without HVAC services until it's fixed, and it will typically be a lot more expensive than regular checkups to fix little problems.


This year's tune-up would be doubly necessary due to the extra at-home time people around the world have had. The extra strain might have caused parts of the system to wear down, which might be a big problem as winter is setting in.

Avoid Skipping Maintenance

It can be tempting not to do regular maintenance on HVAC systems. It costs money, which is not something a lot of people have in ready supply right now. And unless regularly scheduled, it can be hard to remember to schedule a maintenance check annually. However, if these maintenance checks aren't routinely done, the HVAC system might break down. 

Three common HVAC breakdowns can be prevented by regular maintenance. Firstly, condensers or evaporator coils that have gotten dirty over time can cause the HVAC system to break, which is much more expensive to fix than simple maintenance and tune-up. Secondly, blown capacitors, which store energy for the system, will cause the entire system to shut down. A maintenance check will usually show whether a capacitor is suffering from wear and tear or not. 

Thirdly, refrigerant leaks can be quite common in HVAC systems. Even though this is usually more of a concern in the summer than in the winter, leaky refrigerant can also cause problems to the rest of the unit, but it can take time to realize the problem. A regular check would be able to detect the leak more quickly.

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