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Unique High Tech Holiday Gift Ideas for Homeowners

Smart Home Thermostats are the Best High Tech Gift for Homeowners 

Homeowners who have yet to upgrade their thermostat to a smart thermostat are missing out on the many benefits. Smart thermostats are convenient to use as they can be controlled remotely by a smartphone app or voice command. The biggest benefit is that they optimize the energy performance of the HVAC system to keep heating and cooling costs low. 

Not only are smart thermostats good for the environment by reducing carbon emissions, but they also make sure that the homeowner is not spending more than they need to on their power bill. When shopping for a smart thermostat, look for ENERGY STAR certified models to see how much energy can be saved annually by switching. 

thermostatsThe Right Time to Install a New Thermostat

The average thermostat needs to be replaced every 10 years. There are some warning signs that the home may need a thermostat replacement sooner. When the thermostat is malfunctioning due to age or damage, the homeowner should repair or replace it immediately to prevent wasting energy. 

The thermostat controls the heating and air system, so when it is not working properly, it can cause the HVAC system to not work as efficiently as it should. Signs that it is time for new thermostat installation include a sudden increase in energy bills and the heat cutting off at inappropriate times. 

To save money on heating costs, homeowners should consider upgrading to a new smart thermostat this winter to optimize their energy savings. 

How Smart Thermostats Save Homeowners Money 

Smart thermostats are the best option on the market for homeowners who want to optimize the efficiency of their heating and air system’s energy consumption. These thermostats can learn the energy usage patterns of the house and make automatic adjustments. For example, the thermostat will automatically adjust when the homeowners are not there. 

Not only do smart thermostats save homeowners money, they also make managing the home’s temperature more convenient. Most smart thermostats connect with smartphone applications for making temperature adjustments remotely. Homeowners may be able to collect utility rebates from their power company by switching to a smart thermostat. 

Most Popular Smart Thermostats thermostat

Major smart device manufacturers such as Amazon and Google have developed their own smart thermostat models. The same goes for industry leaders such as Honeywell Home. Technology for smart thermostats gets better every year. 

Here are three of the most popular WiFi-enabled thermostats currently on the market:

  • ecobee SmartThermostat - This ecobee thermostat is top-rated for its features and value. It is estimated that homeowners can save up to 26% on their heating and cooling costs by switching to this smart thermostat. It also has Siri and Alexa enabled voice control.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat - The Nest Learning thermostat by Google is a highly technologically advanced thermostat that learns the energy patterns of the home for ultimate optimization of energy consumption. It is ENERGY STAR certified to save the homeowner up to 15% on heating and cooling costs.
  • Honeywell Home WiFi Thermostat - Honeywell is an industry leader in thermostat manufacturing. It is an easy-to-install smart thermostat that pairs with all of the major smart home systems like Google Home, Siri, and Alexa. 

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