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Keep Spooky Noises Under Control With Routine Heater Maintenance

The Benefits of Heater Maintenance

The biggest and most apparent benefit of heater maintenance is that it helps keep the heater working. Heaters are like any other mechanical system; they require regular care and attention to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. It's one of those small actions that go a long way to saving homeowners time and money while reducing the risk of heater malfunctions and other headaches.

What's Involved in Professional Maintenance?

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There are many factors that professional HVAC techs take into account when performing heater maintenance. Of course, the standard actions of changing dirty filters and cleaning inside the system happen. They also inspect electrical connections and test thermostats for proper calibration. Techs will check fuel lines, check system controls, inspect the condensate drain, and verify that fuel line connections are normal. They will also clean the blower and adjust it if required, plus they will lubricate any moving components for smooth function.

Fall Is the Best Time for Heater Maintenance

HVAC techs recommend that homeowners have their heating system checked before it needs to be used daily. This is why fall is the perfect time for heater maintenance. During the spring and summer months, heaters sit and collect dust. But when it comes time to use the heater again, it's best to ensure everything is ready to run smoothly. Often the first icy day of the winter or late fall is when people find out that something is wrong with their heater. After all, they haven't used it in months.

There are other benefits to scheduling yearly heater maintenance. Although fall is the best time, it's not the only time to do it. Some people make the appointment when it's on their mind to get it out of the way for the coming winter. No matter when it's done, heater maintenance can extend the unit's life, reduce heating bills, keep the household safe, and ward off heating emergencies.

Heater Maintenance Between Scheduled Visits

Professionals aren't the only ones who help keep the heater living a long life. Homeowners do their part between scheduled visits too. There are a few simple things every homeowner should do to help ensure their heating system's life and health. 


First and foremost, monthly filter changes do more than people realize for the state of their HVAC system. A clogged filter means that the system has to work harder to heat or cool the home, which puts stress on the working components. 

When the filter is replaced, it's also a good idea to inspect the heater components, with the heater completely off. Looking for obvious signs of wear or excessive dust and dirt will give homeowners an idea of their system's health. Wear and excessive dust or dirt may indicate other problems and should be dealt with by a qualified professional.

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