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Heating And Air Conditioning Decorations for the Holiday Season

Have you Planned your HVAC Decorations?

As you plan your outdoor and indoor decorations for the holiday season, your HVAC system might not be a part of that plan. Admittedly, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you start talking about holiday decorations.

That said, amidst decorations, many homeowners find that their HVAC unit begins to stand out or even become an eyesore. To avoid this issue, get creative and find some ways to include your system in your holiday decorations.

As you do so, however, make sure that your decorations don’t interfere with your system or present any safety hazards. Here are some tips to help you get creative this season with your holiday HVAC decorations.

Outdoor HVAC Unit Decorations

outdoor hvac unitIt can be frustrating to painstakingly decorate every portion of your yard, only to have your HVAC unit stand out amidst the festive decorations. Rather than letting it take away from your outdoor decorations, find some ways to turn it into a Christmas HVAC system.

Consider outlining the space where the unit is in lights (keeping them a safe distance from the unit) or strategically placing a large decoration directly in front of the unit (again, keeping it a safe distance away). Rather than simply ignoring your outdoor unit, get creative and find a way to either include it in your decorations or to discreetly hide it.

Don’t Cover HVAC System Vents

As you decorate indoors, it can be tempting to hide your vents by covering them. Unfortunately, this is bad for your home, your HVAC unit, and your utility bill. Blocking your vents will interfere with the airflow in your home. It can cause your system to not heat or cool correctly and, what’s worse, it can put a strain on your unit.

hvac system vents

This can cause your unit to be overworked, your utility bill to be higher than normal, and your home to be cooler than normal. So, as much as you might want to cover HVAC vents that get in the way of your decorations, avoid that temptation and make sure that all of your ventilating system are clear of any decorations, furniture, or obstructions this holiday season.

Make Your Window HVAC Unit Festive

window hvacAn HVAC window unit can be a great way to heat or cool portions of your house. For many homeowners, this is an effective way to support a central system or to provide temperature control to areas that are not on a central system. That said, often the main complaint about these units is that they’re an eyesore.

Avoid this issue by incorporating your window unit into your decorations this year. Whether it’s with lights, garland, a poinsettia, or a battery-operated candle, find a way to decorate both the indoor and outdoor portions of your window unit. This will keep the unit from standing out and will let it add to - rather than take away from - your decorations.

This holiday season, have fun decorating your home and yard. As you do, get creative about ways to incorporate your HVAC unit into those decorations. Don’t forget to prioritize safety as you set up your decorations and always remember that you can call an HVAC professional if you have any questions or concerns.

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