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3 Biggest Reasons for Air Duct Replacements

Could It Be Time for an Air Duct Replacement?

For most homeowners, there are typically a lot more highs than there are lows, but there will still be some lows throughout the lifetime of the house. Some of these lows will include problems with components of the HVAC system such as air ducts. But what causes air ducts to break down? 

Here are three of the most common reasons that air ducts need to be replaced.

Reason 1: Ductwork Age

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Most products and systems decline as they get older. Colors become faded, the mechanics don’t work anymore, they become outdated, and so on. Eventually, those products will need to be replaced. 

Typically, air ducts can last between 10-15 years when they are properly maintained. This includes regular cleanings and inspections. If homeowners take good care of the air ducts during those 10-15 years, they should not experience any problems. But eventually, they’ll start to deteriorate and might even cause mold growth in the home. So if the air ducts in the home are reaching above that benchmark, it may be wise to replace them before they malfunction.

Reason 2: High Utility Bills

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Homeowners should always pay attention to the utility bills that they get every month. These bills can say a lot about how efficiently the various systems in the home are working. For instance, when there is a leak in the air ducts, they become less efficient. They have to use more energy to push the same amount of air through to the rooms because some of the air is leaking out and working against the rest of the system. 

This results in higher monthly utility bills. And though automatic payments make life easier, it can be easy to miss sudden spikes in the bills when homeowners don’t look at them carefully. Homeowners should feel encouraged to take their time examining these bills, look at any monthly changes that are happening, and determine if there is any additional action that needs to be taken to improve the HVAC system or other systems in the home.

Reason 3: Poor Indoor Air Quality

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Deep breathing can help relax the mind and body. It can ease stress and level out a person’s heart rate. But if the air that’s inhaled is poor quality, it will have the opposite effect. Poor indoor air quality can spark all kinds of health concerns, including headache, fatigue, dizziness, allergic reactions, dryness, or irritation of the nose or throat. 

So every once in a while, it’s important for homeowners to take a deep breath and reflect on questions like:

  • What does the air smell like? Does it have a musty smell?
  • How does it feel? Is it overly dry or overly humid?
  • Does it spur coughing? Is it full of dust? 

Answering these questions can help homeowners determine if there is an air quality problem. And as luck would have it, air ducts play a huge role in the home’s air quality. So if there is a problem, it could very well be a result of an air duct problem. Homeowners should consult with a professional to determine whether the air ducts need to be replaced or what other solutions may be best to implement. 

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