Winston-Salem Emergency Heating and AC Repair

Dependable 24 hour heating and AC repair in Winston-Salem.

In the 21st Century, indoor air conditioning has become less of a luxury, and more of a necessity. The very idea of having to live without air conditioning in the summer, even for a couple of days, is unthinkable! That’s why it’s important to have a 24 hour AC repair company you can call on anytime you need them! Equally as important is having an emergency furnace repair service on hand during the winter.

Blaze Air is here to serve you, 24 hours a day! Give us a call anytime you are in need of emergency AC services or 24 hour heating service. Our highly trained technicians have the tools and experience to handle any HVAC emergency, and return your home to a comfortable temperature in no time!

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Do You Need Emergency AC Services?

When it comes to emergency services, one question that often comes to mind is “is this really an emergency?” While there are times when you can wait until regular business hours to call an HVAC professional, there are other times when you need help ASAP!

Here are some examples of when you should call for 24 hour AC repair:

  • Your AC stops cooling during extremely hot weather
  • Your AC system has a severe refrigerant leak
  • There’s an electrical problem in your AC unit that can pose a fire hazard
  • Your AC isn’t working, and you or someone you live with have a medical condition that can be aggravated by extremely high temperatures

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How Can You Prepare Your Home for HVAC Service?

Even in cases when you need emergency heating repair or emergency AC repair, there are things you can do to make sure your home is ready for a professional HVAC visit.

When you call for emergency furnace repair or AC repair…

  • Make sure to have a clear path to the unit so that your licensed Blaze Air technician can access it easily.
  • If you think you have a gas leak, leave all doors and windows open to air out the house and evacuate immediately.
  • If temperatures are too high, find a cool place to sit while you wait for your Blaze Air technician to arrive.

At Blaze Air, we pride ourselves on being a team of honest and hardworking people. Since 1979, we've been helping your neighbors stay safe and comfortable through every season. Let us help you with all your emergency HVAC service needs!

Call Blaze Air at (336) 788-3322 for 24-hour emergency heating and AC repairs in Winston-Salem.