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Common HVAC Problems During Winter


Looking for furnace installation or HVAC installation in Winston-Salem or having heating & air conditioning issues during the winter? We have the information you need to help you get through the challenges cold weather brings. Here are some common HVAC issues that occur in the winter and what you can do about them.

Common HVAC Problems During Winter

Damage from Frozen Pipes

The plummeting temperatures that come with winter weather can lead to pipes in your home bursting. Water expands when it’s frozen, and this increase in mass causes pressure levels in the pipe to build, which could lead to the pipes bursting, and that will have you paying expensive repair bills.


There are steps you can take to avoid this issue. The first precaution is keeping the house warm, so the pipes aren’t exposed to freezing temperatures. You can also run a trickle of water through the tap. This movement will prevent the water from freezing and causing damage.

Uneven Airflow from Heating & Air Conditioning System

You may notice that not every part of your home is being heated adequately in the winter. If some rooms of your home are heating up more efficiently than others, it may be due to blockages in the HVAC system. The airflow might be interrupted by dust or other debris cluttering your vents and stopping the hot air from being distributed evenly.




Getting your HVAC system serviced can help to alleviate this issue. Clearing any blockages or foreign objects from the vents running through your home will allow the airflow to distribute more evenly, allowing everyone to stay comfortable no matter their room.

Furnace Installation, HVAC Installation in Winston-Salem

If you need an HVAC system installed or have issues with your current system, our team is standing by to help. We provide five-star service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, letting you rest assured that you’ll get the assistance you need.

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