Furnace Maintenance and Repair Services in Raleigh, NC

Furnace Repair Maintenance Services in Winston-Salem, NC

If you're looking for furnace repair and maintenance services in Raleigh, you can trust the experts at Blaze Heating Cooling Electrical and Plumbing.

At Blaze Heating Cooling Electrical and Plumbing, we offer furnace repair and maintenance services to our customers in Raleigh and the surrounding area. Whether you need routine maintenance, are dealing with a minor or major system issue, or need new furnace installation in Raleigh, our experts can provide the service you need to ensure you maintain a comfortable home temperature year-round.

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What's Required To Maintain a Furnace?

When you schedule regular heating service in Raleigh with the experts at Blaze Heating Cooling Electrical and Plumbing, you can ensure your system will operate at its highest capacity. A yearly maintenance inspection before the temperatures drop will ensure it's ready to keep your home warm throughout the cooler months.

At your maintenance appointment, our heating specialists will evaluate your furnace chamber, check your gas meter, clean your burners, inspect your blower, and lubricate it as needed. If our technicians notice any minor issues, they can address them before they become more serious issues that negatively impact your furnace and quality of life. We recommend changing furnace filters every three months to prevent system malfunction, and even sooner for homeowners with pets.

What Are Some Signs That My Unit Needs Repair?

If your furnace in Raleigh isn't operating properly or is developing an issue, it will indicate so through some telltale signs. These include:

  • Unusual sounds coming from the furnace
  • Uneven flames as a result of dirty burners or a cracked heat exchanger
  • The system short cycles and shuts off for no particular reason, indicating a thermostat issue or malfunctioning heat exchanger

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How Can I Make My System More Energy-Efficient?

Proper home insulation will ensure your furnace runs efficiently during the colder months. Letting in the light on sunny days while turning down your system a few degrees can also help you save energy, as can a programmable thermostat that will allow you to adjust your home temperature throughout the day. You can also promote a highly efficient furnace when you schedule routine furnace maintenance in Raleigh and have your filters changed regularly.

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