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What's the Right Thermostat Temperature Setting for All Seasons?

Finding the Right Thermostat Setting

Your cooling and heating unit makes it possible for your home to be comfortable throughout the year. Even as the temperatures hit extreme highs and lows, you’re able to keep your home at a steady temperature. It’s an important system in your home that enables your current quality of life.

While it’s great to be able to adjust the temperature, extreme changes to your thermostat will overwork your system and increase your utility bill. Instead, it’s better for your unit and your budget to keep your thermostat steady throughout each season and to only adjust it as the seasons change. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you find the perfect thermostat setting all year.

The Right Setting for Cold Months

During the cold days of winter and fall, it’s best to keep your thermostat close to 70 degrees. This is a comfortable room temperature but avoids overworking the system.

cold months

It can be tempting to really turn the thermostat up on especially cold days to make your home feel particularly cozy but avoid this temptation as much as possible. Doing this overworks your heater and increases your utility costs. Instead, wear a sweater, sit under a cozy blanket, start a fire or make a cup of hot tea to feel extra warm.

The Right Setting for Warm Months

warm monthsWhen the warm and hot days of spring and summer arrive, turn your thermostat up to around 78 degrees. This might seem like a warmer temperature than you want, but it’s within the scale of comfortable indoor temperatures and will feel cool in contrast to the warmer temperatures outdoors.

Further, it will keep your unit from constantly running at full blast. If you’re looking for an extra blast of cool, consider using ceiling fans and staying hydrated with ice-cold drinks.

Relying on these methods for cooling off, rather than turning to your thermostat, will help to protect your HVAC unit and to make your home more efficient year-round.

Settings for an Empty House

Keep in mind that these are the recommended settings for a house that is empty for a large part of the day. It sometimes seems like it’s better for your unit to adjust the thermostat when you leave and then to change it back when you return. The reality is that it’s better to keep it set at an average temperature all the time.

empty house

This avoids overworking your unit when you get home. Plus, this system helps you better acclimate to the changing temperatures outdoors. While it might take some adjustment, keeping your thermostat set at moderate temperatures throughout each season will help you to save money and protect your HVAC unit.

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