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Is a "Do It Yourself" Furnace Repair Dangerous to Non-Professionals?

Furnace Repair Is Not For DIYers

Furnace repairs take a lot of knowledge and experience, they are nothing to play with. Many homeowners become experienced at being able to complete household tasks and repairs to save money and time. It is of utmost importance that homeowners who become weekend handymen (or handywomen) know when they should call in the professionals.

Building a deck on your house is a great accomplishment but doesn’t qualify you as a master carpenter. Performing regular maintenance on your HVAC systems takes skill but will not give you the ability to safely diagnose and repair your furnace. Furnace repair is not something you should attempt to do with the guidance of a how-to video.

HVAC systems are intricate and complicated pieces of equipment, and carry with them a certain degree of danger to you and your home. A mistake in furnace repair in a DIY situation could lead to catastrophic fallout. Here are a few reasons to entrust your furnace repair to professional HVAC technicians.

Safety Is What Pros Do

There are safety guidelines and practices that HVAC professionals are versed in and follow closely. If your furnace needs repair, then there is already a danger posed to your heating system and your home. This is not a time to try to save money by attempting the repair yourself, as if there is a mistake made it could make things much worse.

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Furnaces in need of repair represent multiple hazards within a home, thus the need for an HVAC insurance. Depending on what is wrong with the equipment, there can be fumes venting, a risk of fire, electrical issues - the list is endless. Experts will not only be trained to find and fix the underlying problem, but can minimize the risks from countless additional hazards, and are insured if something does go wrong.

Though most homeowners don’t think of it in those terms, most home insurance policies do not cover issues that occur doing DIY projects. In fact, many homeowner policies will have clauses excluding repairs performed by unlicensed operators - even if it is the homeowner. That could cause your cheap DIY fix attempt to be more costly than you ever imagined.

Time Is Important

quick solutionThe vast majority of homeowners realize they need furnace repair when they are using the element. If you’re using your furnace, you most likely need to have it on due to in-climate weather outside. Heat is not just important for the inhabitants of a home, but for the home itself.

Without heat, plumbing could freeze, and cause a whole other type of issue. Speed is vital in furnace repair. Professionals have not only the proper knowledge and training to fix furnace issues, but also have the proper tools.

Instead of wasting time researching possible issues with the symptoms a DIYer is noticing and then researching how to fix and what is needed to fix it, the pros will just be able to get to work.

Fix-It Right The First Time

HVAC experts understand that what needs an immediate fix most likely will not be what actually is causing the issue to begin with. Due to their intimate knowledge of furnaces, they can run a system diagnostic to find out what the actual underlying problem is.

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Once they diagnose the issue they can then fix the entire problem, and not just put a band-aid on the proverbial squeaky wheel that caused the homeowner to call them in.

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