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Getting Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month This October

Participating in The Fight Against Breast Cancer

About 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime in the US. Throughout this past year, over 250,000 women have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer affects more women than men, but the number of men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer is also astounding: over 2,500 this year. Though there is ongoing research, support, and treatment for breast cancer, there are still so many people who suffer and pass away due to this illness.

This October, those in the HVAC industry want to show their respect to the survivors and commemorate those who have suffered from it. If anyone else wishes to get involved, the following is how to do it.

Wear a Pink Ribbon

pink ribbonThough it’s a small detail, wearing a pink ribbon helps to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The story of the pink ribbon came about in three parts. The first, in 1979 when the wife of a hostage was inspired by a song to tie a yellow ribbon around the tree in her yard.

Others heard about the ribbon, which showed her desire to have her husband return home safe. Then in 1990, AIDS activists took the idea of the yellow ribbon and turned it red to show support for those suffering from AIDS.

Soon after, Susan G. Komen started handing out pink ribbons to breast cancer survivors during her Race for the Cure. Cosmetic giants were inspired by her actions and started putting them on store counters.

The pink ribbon went viral and has been used ever since to show solidarity in the fight against breast cancer. If not a ribbon, other pink products can also show support. Now that football season has returned, the players of professional, college and even high school football teams will often wear pink socks as a way to bring awareness to this illness. So if there aren’t any pink ribbons left, try finding another pink product to wear instead.

Show Support on October 18

Every year, thousands of people wear it pink to show their support for breast cancer awareness. This year’s big day to show support is Friday, October 18.


This will also be the biggest day for raising money and help life-saving research happen. Join in the cause by wearing pink on October 18 and helping with fundraising.

Pay Attention to The Medical Signs

medical signsMuch of the ability to treat breast cancer depends on how early it is caught, so pay attention to the medical signs of breast cancer.

Some of the most common signs include a lump or mass around the breast, swelling, redness, or change in appearance or shape of the breast. If any of these symptoms occur, seek medical help right away as it could be cancer. Also, be sure to regularly check for breast cancer.

This includes scheduling yearly physicals and mammograms, which is especially important for women over the age of 45. Taking proper precautions can prevent the spread of cancer and improves the probability of being treated. Take a stand this October, and show support for breast cancer survivors!

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