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Ever Wonder What an Air Handler Does?

What Air Handlers Do in the HVAC System

HVAC systems are beautifully complex. Like the way a grandfather clock has so many dials, chains, pulleys, and other components that all work together, an HVAC system is mechanically intricate with many components that have to work together to function. There are many components to keep track of, making them difficult for homeowners to recognize.

In this article, homeowners can learn more about one of the most critical components of the HVAC system: the air handler.

Basics of an Air Handler

an air handler

So, what exactly is an air handler? It’s all in the name! An air handler “handles” the air indoors. It is responsible for distributing the air (hot or cold) to different rooms.

Many people will confuse air handlers with air conditioners, but there are two major differences between them.

First is the difference in location. While air conditioners are typically found outside of the home, air handlers are inside the home and are components of a split-system AC or heat pump. 

Second is knowing the difference in the primary job of the air handler versus the air conditioner. The air handler’s job is to distribute the conditioned air to the various rooms in the house, and the air conditioner’s job is to condition the air by removing its heat.

The two don’t provide the same function, but they do work side-by-side. Once the air conditioner removes heat from the air, the air handler then transports that cooled air through the ductwork system. Same with the furnace; while it heats the air, the air handler distributes that heated air.

Air Handler Parts To Know

air handler parts

The air handler is a part of the HVAC system, but several parts make up the air handler and help it continue running efficiently. One of the most important components is the blower motor. This motor connects to the ductwork system and allows the air handler to circulate the conditioned air indoors. There are different models of the blower motor available, including single-speed, multi-speed or variable-speed options. 

These different speeds determine the frequency in which the air handler turns on or off. Air filters are another essential component of the air handler. These filters are responsible for catching dirt, dust, pollen or other allergens to clean the air.

When Are Air Handler Services Needed?

The mechanical intricacies of the HVAC system and the air handler are fascinating. Still, they can unfortunately experience breakdowns that cause the air handler to lose its efficiency or its functionality altogether. 

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A few of the most common problems experienced by air handlers are:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Blower motor failure 
  • Malfunctioning control boards
  • Blower wheel problems

It’s critical for homeowners to maintain their air handlers, such as switching out air filters every few months, to keep the HVAC device functioning properly. Having the air handler inspected annually by a professional can also help identify minor inefficiencies that could lead to major inefficiencies.

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