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Allergy Relief Filters to the Rescue

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Tips for Choosing Your Allergy Relief Filters

Many homeowners are becoming aware of the importance that air quality can have on people's safety and health. While you might have only thought of it in terms of pollution, bacteria and other impurities can also be in the air.

It can be tough to combat those impurities outdoors without the use of a mask, however, there is something you can do to improve the air quality inside your home. Choosing the right air filter will not only cut down on virus particles but also it can help reduce the discomfort caused by seasonal allergies. Read on to find the solution to your concerns, and to enjoy sneeze-free shopping trips this allergy season.

HEPA Filters Clear the Air

hepa filtersHEPA filters are a type of filtration system. HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air.” These filters trap tiny matter that causes allergies, such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and even pollen.

HEPA filters must filter out 99.97% of all particles of a certain diameter to meet the United States Department of Energy requirements for air filtration of this kind - which ensures your peace of mind.

These filters are composed of a fiberglass mat. As air passes through the mat, particulates adhere to the filter, and the result is cleaner air with fewer allergens. There are a few brands of whole house air purifiers to consider.

Top brands including Honeywell, PARTY Air Purifiers, and Levoit company units. You may also want to check out Amaircare 10,000 if you are interested in a three-stage filtration configuration. This system includes a pre-filter, a HEPA air filter, and a carbon filter. Of course, consulting with a local expert can also help you find the ideal system for your home.

The Buzz on Charcoal Filters

charcoal filters

Charcoal filters are another filtration option that can assist with allergies. Activated carbon filtration is able to filter chemicals such as gas and vapors from the air.

This process is called adsorption, where activated carbon adsorbs gas molecules. Carbon filtration can remove ozone from your home, which is a known allergen.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as paint fumes, perfumes, pesticides, cleaning products, and many other chemicals can produce allergy symptoms. Charcoal filters are a fantastic solution to this problem, as these chemicals are absorbed by the filters so homeowners can avoid breathing them in.

Be Sure Your Unit Has a HEPA Eco Mode

eco friendlyReducing allergens is key to feeling better this season, but running your filtration system on full power at all times does use a lot of energy. That’s where HEPA Eco Mode products come in.

These filtration systems have an additional component that detects the number of particulates in the air and alters the filtration system according to the air quality.

This saves power, which is better for the environment, and better for your wallet. A HEPA system with an Eco Mode option is a great solution for homeowners who want clean air and who care about staying green.

It can also extend the lifespan of your unit by reducing strain from excess runtime. As a homeowner, you should always do your part to research the best systems to ensure your investment is well made.

Trust a Local HVAC Expert

Blaze Air, Inc is a Winston-Salem, NC company specializing in HVAC solutions. Their dedicated team of experienced professionals is committed to getting the job done. If you’d like to feel better and reduce your allergies, call Blaze Air, Inc today!