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Peace Begins With Our Choices

A popular song, “Let There Be Peace on Earth” states, “Let there be peace on earth / And let it begin with me.” World peace will begin with each person deciding to help promote peace, love, and understanding.

This month, you can recommit yourself to this goal for World Peace Day, which is on September 21st. This year’s theme for the holiday is “Climate Action for Peace” so we can keep earth as comfortable as our homes with heating and air conditioning systems.

The United Nations has identified the crucial role climate change will play in world peace, so it’s up to all of us to help do our part for #ClimateAction on this #Peaceday - and every day!

The Negative Social Effects of Climate Change

socialeffectsWhy would the UN highlight global warming? Wouldn’t weapons, hunger, or poverty be a better issue to tackle?

Although these are important issues, the problem is this: no matter how perfect we make the world, it will be all for nothing if something isn’t done about global warming.

Our world is at risk, and any accomplishments we make are threatened by global warming. As natural disasters increase and oceans overtake more land, people will suffer, need to move, or perish.

As temperatures rise, people will turn to their air conditioning to make themselves feel better, despite the amount of electricity that will be consumed. But there are steps all of us can take to help with this global problem.

Programmable Thermostats For The Win

programmablethermostatsProgrammable Thermostats have been around for a while, but few people take advantage of them, and today they are easier to use than ever.

What most don’t know is that they can actually save money on your heating and cooling bills! They can be programmed to adjust based on your preferences throughout the day, and some of them can be adjusted via smartphone.

Many people who use programmable thermostats find them helpful because they can allow for less energy consumption when no one is at home, or they can allow a comfortable temperature for pets. This is one instance where a technological upgrade is worth the investment.

Even if you have an old HVAC unit, a programmable thermostat can help determine if you need a new HVAC or if all you needed was more consistency and efficiency! Rather than cranking the heat or cold up and down all day, some of the hard work can be taken away while maximum comfort is achieved.

Tree Planting For Replenishing

plantatreeIf you already have a programmable thermostat or just want a more practical task, find a way to plant a tree at your home or in a local park.

Trees not only increase the beauty and eventually offer shade, but they also are one of our most valuable tools in combating global warming since trees around the world absorb carbon dioxide.

Deforestation is one of the contributing factors to global warming, so it’s only in replanting trees that we can help replenish what has been lost. Being ecologically friendly for #ClimateAction doesn’t need to be hard or complicated.

You don’t need to move to the forest and swear off electricity in all forms or sell your car. It’s all in the little things that we all collectively do, day by day, and year by year, that will help combat global warming, whether it be planting trees or saying no to single-use plastics. This world peace day, let’s all make a commitment to do our part to work towards sustainability and world peace.