Winston-Salem Boiler Installation & Repair Services

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Boiler Installation and Repair Services in Winston-Salem, NC

Another form of heat that can be used for a home or commercial property comes from a boiler. Through the utilization of hot water and a series of pipes that can either be delivered to a central system or used in radiant floor heating, customers can rely on this unit to keep them safe and comfortable during the wintertime. At Blaze Air we offer a number of advanced boilers to choose from and can provide you with a free estimate before installing the system that is right for you.

Our licensed professionals are also trained to handle any boiler problem there is, so if you are experiencing an issue with your current system, we can come out and determine what will be the most cost-effective method of repair. If you are looking for maximum interior comfort in your home or building, talk to our knowledgeable professionals today.

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What Are 3 Signs That You Need to Repair or Replace Your Boiler?

  • Strange noises: Boilers have a tendency to make some noise, but if you start to notice unusual sounds such as banging or clanking coming from your unit, it is important to contact our specialists for service right away to determine what is causing the issue.
  • Leaks: If water is pooling around your boiler, especially if the system is older, it is likely time to have the unit replaced by our certified team of experts. Even the smallest leak will grown in size, which will increase your water bills, damage property, and could potentially be dangerous.
  • Strange odors: Peculiar smells that are coming from your boiler could typically indicate one of two things either an electrical problem or a gas leak, both of these issues can be highly dangerous if they are not taken care of immediately.

What Parts Are Inspected During a Maintenance Visit?

In order to maintain optimum efficiency and avoid any problems with your boiler you will want to schedule an annual inspection from the licensed professionals at Blaze Air. When our specialists come to perform a comprehensive maintenance inspection they will first check the outside of the unit for any leaks or visible signs of damage. Next, they will open the boiler and clean the inside. Our heating experts will check the flue and also the combustion chamber to make sure it is receiving the right amount of air. Various components will be examined to ensure that everything is secure and working properly and that no issues are on the horizon.

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What Can You Do to Help Your Unit Run More Efficiently?

You can help your boiler to run more efficiently in a few different ways. One thing you must do is make sure that it receives a thorough maintenance examination at least once a year from the skilled technicians at Blaze Air. Proper maintenance can help to detect any minor issues with your unit and ensure that it is running efficiently. One thing our specialists might do is power flush your boiler. This can help your water to circulate more effectively. You can also talk to our knowledgeable contractors about an insulation jacket. Boilers will function better if they maintain a consistent temperature, so fitting a boiler jacket around the tank can help to improve the efficiency of your system.

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